Paper All Purpose Cup

- 5 oz

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These products are only compostable in commercial composting facilities. Please make sure you have one of these facilities in your area.

These are not suitable for backyard composting. These products are not intended for microwave usage.

Grandma, parents and children playing card games indoors and enjoying snack and beverages from small, kid-sized cups

Product Description

SOLO refill cups are conveniently sized to fit most cup dispensers, making them a great fit for both the bathroom and the kitchen! Durable and leak-resistant, these tiny cups are perfect for a quick drink or tiny hands.

These small plastic cups are a great choice when hygiene in a priority. Separate cups for everyone help keep germs at bay! From water to mouthwash and other quick servings, these refill cups are the perfect size.

Perfect for

  • Keeping a hygienic kitchen and bathroom
  • Portioning and delivering medication
  • Kids arts and crafts