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For decades, SOLO has inspired millions to host spontaneous gatherings celebrating food, fun and friendship. Let’s SOLObrate together!

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Our story starts in 1936. SOLO cup inventor Leo Hulsemen began his career by producing and distributing small, disposable paper cones designed to ensure public health and safety. In the following years, SOLO produced a variety of products made of different materials.

The iconic red SOLO cup was first released in the ‘70s. The red plastic party cup was a success with families and businesses alike. Since then, SOLO has evolved to produce a full range of everyday and party supplies that bring together food, fun and good times with ease.

Today, SOLO is a beloved brand line within Dart Container Corporation. SOLO’s devoted fans post over 400,000 photos a year of their good times with our products, and we plan to continue inspiring that loyalty.

black and white photo of the original Solo Cup Co. headquarters

Solo History

  • 1936: Leo Hulseman founded the SOLO Cup Company, making paper cone cups.
  • 1970s: The Hulseman family expanded the paper product portfolio to include plastic cups – originally in red, blue, yellow, and peach.
  • 1976: The iconic plastic SOLO Cup was patented
  • 1980–2000: SOLO expands offerings to more households, restaurants, and grocers throughout the U.S.
  • 2008: SOLO launches Bare®, a variety of eco-forward products for home and foodservice use made using recyclable*, recycled, compostable, or renewable materials.
  • 2009: Solo Cup Company acquires SF Holdings, including the Sweetheart brand and the epic Jazz® design.
  • 2012: SOLO Cup Company is purchased by Dart Container Corporation, greatly expanding product offerings.
  • Today and Future: Dart continues to innovate and evolve, ensuring that the SOLO brand remains the go-to connector for food, fun, and friendships.

*Check locally, may not be recycled in your area.

In the News

The SOLO brand has proven to be a timeless, iconic, global symbol of food, fun and friendships.

How does SOLO inspire so many smiles? The following accolades might provide some clues:

The History of the Solo Cup, From the South Side to Star Wars
—Chicago Magazine, May 2018

A Modern Engineering Marvel – the Red SOLO Cup”–Washington Post, Jan 2017

A Brief History of the SOLO Cup – Everyone’s Favorite Party Staple
–Vice, Jun 2016

The Red SOLO Cup: Every Party’s Most Popular Guest
–NPR, Sep 2011

"Humble Masterpieces", a design exhibition, honored SOLO Cup’s Traveler Lid
–Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, 2004

“Top 100 American Icons of all time” (SOLO Cup, right next to Betty White!)
–People Magazine, Jun 2016

"Dude throws hummingbird frat party with Solo cup of nectar"–The Daily Dot, Dec 2015

"No, the lines around the original Solo cup were not created to represent various measurements"–PolitiFact, Jun 2019

"Solo cup promposal puzzle finally solved"–USA Today, Apr 2016

"Inventor of Iconic 'Red Solo Cup' Dies at 84"–People, Dec 2016

"The Solo Cup", How the disposable drinking vessel became an American party staple.–Slate, Oct 2011


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SOLO Delivers EPIC Sweepstakes for World Premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story. SOLO. (2018, April 20).

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